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Free Room in The Roof Insulation


Get Upto £300 Cash (No catch) AND get your Attic Room insulated  and decorated for FREE


What Is A Room in The Roof?



In a nutshell a room in the roof is a room in the attic of the house. This room must be accessible by means of a fixed staircase that allows a user to climb down the stairs facing forwards. Staircases that are not permanent would mean the room would not qualify as a room in the roof nor would a room that is accessed by means of a pull down ladder


The room in the roof is usually insualted by thermal board that is placed over the existing wall and roof area. This is commonly known as overboarding. This process has replaced the previously commonly used method of sliding kingspan sheets between the roof joists usually accessed by obtaining entry to the residual loft area behind the stud wall. The room in the roof consists of various segments.

1.The Party Wall:   This is the wall area between two adjacent houses ie the communal or party wall. The should be insulated by means of overboarding with thermal board.

2. Sloping Ceiling:  This is the internal sloping roof area of the attic bedroom. this must be insulated by means of thermal board.

3. Dormer Walls:  These are simply the top and side walls of a dormer. These should be insulated with thermal board.

4. Stud Walls:  These are the walls at the front and/or rear of the attic bedrooms, the top of the stud wall meets the sloping ceiling. The stud wall can be overboarded or if access can be obtained from the rear of the stud wall through a loft hatch then insulation can be done from the rear of the stud wall.

5. Top Ceiling: This is the area above the flat ceiling in the attic bedroom. Like the stud wall this can be insulated either by overboarding or if access can be gained through the use of a loft hatch the insualtion can be performed from above the stud wall.

6.Decoration: Once the insulation process is completed the boarding will be sanded down to a smooth finish. the room will then be painted to a colour of your choice (customers will be given a colour chart from which to choose a colour from)



 What Do I Need To Qualify For My £300?


1. The property MUST have a Room in the Attic.

2. The property must NOT have Gas central heating (no radiators). Fires and heaters are OK.

3. Someone who lives in the property must get at least ONE of the benefits listed below:

    a) Child Tax Credit

    b) Working Tax Credit

    c) Employment and Support Allowance

    d) Job Seekers Allowance

    e) Income Support

    f) Pension Credit

    g) Universal Credit

Please Note: The benefit letter MUST be addressed to the property.

4. Have the attic room insulated by our insulation company Northern Eco Installations


What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Attic Room Insulated?

The main benefit is that it will reduce the heat lost from the property. This should mean that you will have smaller heating bills. You will also be helping the environment. ONCE THE WORK IS COMPLETED YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR MONEY.

How Do I Apply?

To apply could not be simpler, just phone the office 08452 332288. We will arrange for a surveyor to visit the property and confirm that the property qualifies. The scheme is due to end soon so act now.


















 What our customers say

“Since we have had our loft and cavity wall insulated not only is the house significantly warmer but our winter gas bill was not much more than our Autumn bill even after the terrible winter we had. Amazing. We cant thank UK Insulation Advice enough.”

Mr S.J. Moore, Chorley

“I am so glad that I contacted UK Insulation Advice. It cost me absolutely nothing and I have had my house thoroughly insulated for free. It was absolutely painless. Thanks guys.

Mr David Shah, Preston