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Boilers - The Key To Your Energy Bills

Boilers usually account for approximately 60% of your annual energy bill. It therefore follows that the more cost effective and fuel efficient your boiler the better. A new energy efficient “A rated" boiler could cut your heating bills by upto 40%.

The problem is that todays modern energy efficient “A rated" boilers are not cheap. A gas boiler may cost you around the £2000 mark to buy plus installation and an oil boiler may cost around the £2500 mark plus installation.

The government realise that to many people, especially those on low incomes these types of prices mean that purchasing a new boiler is out of the question. This has meant that the people who can least afford it end up with the highest energy bills. It was with this in mind that the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) Grant scheme was created.

Boiler Grants

The ECO Grant Scheme aims to reduce the cost of heating a home for those on a low income. It allows home owners who receive income-related benefits to have financial assistance in getting a replacement “A rated" boiler installed, at a significantly reduced cost and some customers actually qualify for a FREE boiler replacment. The rules for qualifying for your brand new "A" rated  boiler are strict but very simple.

Qualification Criteria

To qualify for your subsidised boilercould not be easier:

You must be in receipt of just one of the Priority Benefits

Your boiler must be more than 7 Years old.

Your property must have a basement or a crawl space.


What is a crawl space?

A crawl space is an area constructed between the ground and the bottom of a house, creating a permanent foundation. It does not have the depth of a regular basement, making it difficult for a person to be able to stand up when inside the small space. The area can be accessed either from the outside or the inside of the home, similar to a basement, depending on what the home owner chooses when building the home.

Many homeowners may not even be aware that thier property has a crawl space. Many detached and semi detached properties built between 1925-1975 will have crawl spaces. Most of these crawl spaces are uninsulated and therefore a cause of heat loss. One of the criteria for the replacement boiler scheme is to have the crawl space insulated which we will do as part of the replacement boiler installation

One of our approved local advisers will visit your home to confirm your existing boiler meets the requirements and you are in receipt of a priority benefit.

  1. If everything is in order we will arrange for your home to be given an Energy efficiency survey.

  2. A Gas Safe registered installer will liaise with you and install your new boiler.

Contribution Towards Boiler


Combi Swap: A Combi Swap referes to boilers that both heat water and the radiators within one compact unit.

Conversion: A Conversion is required when there is a hot water cylinder in the house. These will be"converted" into a Combi Boiler unit.

Cavity: This refers to a property that was built with a cavity wall (ie. a space between the outer and inner wall)

Solid: This refers to a property that was built with a solid wall construction (ie. there is no space between the outer and inner wall.
For example: A 4 bedroom End terrace house with a solid wall construction would be Free of charge to
                        replace the boiler if the customer is in recipt of the correct benefits



Boiler Eligibility

To check if your current boiler is eligible for replacement please select your manufacturer from the list below then press search to look for your current model. If the efficiency of your current model is less than 87% efficient it is eligible for replacement.


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