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Free Boiler

Although the criteria for suitability to be given a free “A Rated” boiler is strict it is however also very straight forward. We will access, submit and process each individual application. In order to obtain your free boiler your property must be given an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). This would normally cost between £75-£150 to buy and is now a legal requirement before you can sell or rent your property. UK Insulation Advice however will arrange for your property to be given a Free EPC. Once this has been done we will arrange for your existing boiler to be removed and your Free “A Rated” boiler to be supplied and installed. All work will be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer and both the work and the boiler will be guaranteed.

Room In the Roof Insulation

Room in the roof insulation is insulation placed in the attic room of a property. It usually consists of thermal board placed over the existing wll area of the attic room. This is known as overboarding. The main areas of the property are the attic bedroom roof slopes, top ceiling party and stud walls as well as dormers if applicable. The roof slopes and party walls should always be insulated with thermal board as should the dormers if they are present. The stud walls and top ceiling should be overboared if access to the rear of the stud wall and above the top ceiling is unaccessable. If however loft hatches exist then it is also suitable to insulate behind the stud wall and/or top ceiling with insulation wool. If possible 100% of the room in the roof area should be insulated unless there are specific reason why this is not to be done. The loft area behind a stud wall does not form party of the room in the roof. It is however recommended that this are is also insulated

For a room to qualify as a room in the roof the room must be accessed via a permanent fixed stairacse such that one is able to walk down facing forwards

Free Insulation

Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation together with Double Glazing are the most popular energy conservation processes taken up by British households to date. As with Double Glazing no suitable new house is built today without Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation. There are however millions of homes that are still not adequately insulated. Under the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) Scheme families on low income may be eligible for payment for measures to improve the energy efficiency of their property including free Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation.

UK Insulation Advice will visit your home and assess whether or not your property is suitable for Cavity Wall and/or Loft Insulation. In the case of Cavity Wall Insulation this will involve drilling a small hole into the wall of your property and inserting a special type of camera into the wall to calculate the width of the cavity. The hole will then be sealed. The advisor will also assess the available access to and around the property as the installers will obviously need to have room to work.

In the case of Loft Insulation the adviser will have to inspect the loft. They will assess whether insulation is needed. If it is they will then access whether or not it can be safely installed in the property. Deciding factors include: Access to the loft, the size of the loft hatch and the height of the loft.

With both Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation the advisor will take various photos of the property. It is a condition of the ECO scheme that evidence of benefits received by the applicant is taken. This just involves a photograph of documentation demonstrating the customer is in receipt of the entitled benefit.

Once everything is completed and authorised UK Insulation Advice will contact the customer to arrange a suitable date to have the work carried out. Absolutely everything is completed Free Of Charge and all work is guaranteed.