UK Insulation Advice

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Mission Statement

UK Insulation Advice Ltd are committed to assist in the reduction of carbon emissions produced by UK households. We strongly believe that global warming represents the greatest threat to our world today. UK Insulation Advice Ltd aims to encourage every UK household to take an active role in reducing the amount of CO2 they produce. We believe that by doing this the UK can set an example to the rest of the world about how to tackle this gravest of threats to our planet.


Who Are We

UK Insulation Advice Ltd was created in order to encourage customers to take advantage the UK’s free carbon reducing initiatives. These Free grants are some of the most generous grants available anywhere in the world today. UK Insulation Advice Ltd aim to encourage the public to take advantage of these once in a lifetime opportunities to, not only have a beneficial effect on the environment, but to have major work carried out on their home such as the installation of Boilers and Solar Panelling, at absolutely no cost to them. This is without forgetting the significant reduction in their household energy bills.

What Do We Do

Once we have been contacted UK Insulation Advice will then send one of our fully qualified advisers to visit customers in their home to access the particular needs of that customer. We will also give customers practical advice on reducing their carbon footprint. We currently have four main avenues available to help our customers become more energy efficient. They are:

    1. Free/ Discounted Boilers
    2. Free Room In the Roof insulation
    3. Free Cavity Wall Insulation
    4. Free Loft Insulation

      We will access the eligibility of each customer to have any of the above services. We will then do all the work and arrange for which ever particular services are required to be installed. Everything we do is of absolutely no cost whatsoever to the customer. All work is carried out by expert installers and all work is guaranteed.

    As and when further free grants become available if the customer wishes we will contact them to access their eligibility for these as well. The aim of UK Insulation Advice Ltd is to organise over 150,000 various energy efficient installations per year.