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Solar Panels- Make Your Own Free Electricity For Free

How Does Solar Panelling Work

Simply put Solar Panelling works by converting photons from the sun into electricity. Any electricity you don’t use is sent back into the national grid. Our Free Solar Panel System can reduce your electricity bills by an average of 37% every year and its completely free.

Many thousands of people up and down the country are now enjoying FREE solar systems. TheUK is one of the top 10 countries providing Solar Panelling proving that solar panels do work in the UK, despite previous beliefs to the contrary. Technology has advanced so that the panels need light these days, not just direct sunlight. This surge in popularity for solar panels throughout the UK follows the implementation in April 2010 of a Government initiative called the FiT Scheme.

This FIT scheme obliges the UK power companies to pay an inflated rate for the electricity that solar panels generate on a property, whether that electricity is used by the occupier, or not. This rate is called a Feed In Tariff (FIT)

This means that we will arrange to have your Solar Panel System supplied and installed for free. This income will end up paying for the solar system so that you don't have to. You would simply benefit immediately from the free electricity that the solar system generates during daylight hours and we have a lot of daylight hours in the UK.


Who Is Eligible

Unlike the ECO scheme your eligibility for solar panelling is not dependant on your income. That means that ANYBODY can potentially have Free Solar Panelling. The suitability for solar panelling is simply dependant on your property. You need to be a home owner or a tenant with the landlords permission. You property needs to:

  • Have sufficient area of clear roof space
  • Be positioned within 55 degrees of due south.
  • Have a roof pitched at between 15 & 45 degrees
  • Have a roof with no shading.
  • Have a roof that is suitable to sustain solar panels.


The Process

  1. In order to take advantage of this fantastic offer, simply contact us today.
  2. We will ring you to arrange for one of our trained surveyors to visit your property.
  3. They have the necessary equipment to access the suitability of your property. This will only take approximately 20 minutes.
  4. The surveyor will then arrange for an engineer to visit your property take some detailed measurements and arrange the Free installation of your solar panel system.
  5. The solar panel system will be installed.

The solar panel systems provided are entirely free. There is absolutely nothing to be paid at any stage, they are also fully insured, guaranteed, maintained and monitored for 25 years — entirely free of charge.